We use only the best one-piece fiberglass pools on the market today from Blue Hawaiian and Trilogy.

  • Fiberglass swimming pools are nonporous and do not require the chemical usage or electricity to operate the pool like a concrete or vinyl liner swimming pool.
  • Installation can be completed in less time.
  • Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface which eliminates skinned knees and feet.
  • There is no need for liner changes as you would have to do with a vinyl liner pool in 7-10 years.
  • One-piece fiberglass pools are easily moved from one location to another if needed.
  • One-piece fiberglass pools are long lasting and extremely durable in all weather and soil conditions. They are flexible to subtle ground movement.
  • You can accentuate your one-piece fiberglass swimming pool with perimeter tile, inlaid tiles, fiber optic lighting, LED lighting, vanishing edge, water slides, diving boards, custom waterfalls and much more to further create your backyard oasis.

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